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How to get PTC referrals

This is a very common question I get asked from my downline on ptc sites such as Clixsense. How do I get referrals? The answer is simple. Get your referral link out there is the main thing you need to do. You might be thinking "how do i get it out there" and the answer is that there is so many different ways to do it and too many to write about. I will focus on a few main ways though.

  • Friends
  • - Send your link to friends and family who might be interested
  • Other PTC Sites
  • - Promoting your referral link on other PTC sites can generate alot of new members especially if the PTC site your are promoting is new or not that established yet. If you are looking at promoting your Clixsense or Neobux referral link then advertising on Aurora PTC sites might be the best and most cost effective method.
  • PTC Topsites
  • - Submitting your referral URL for free into PTC topsites like us can get your free traffic
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • - Sites link EasyHits4U may help you gain additional referrals for a little amount of your time.
  • Sites you run
  • - Many people nowadays run websites, forums or blogs. It is very easy to add your PTC referral link or banner into your website and blog and profit from traffic to your sites.
  • Site you are part of
  • - Many people are part of many sites and forums. You can put links in signatures on forums for example so when you post, people can see your referral link. Be careful not to spam.

Getting referrals on sites like Clixsense, Probux and Neobux can help you multiply your daily earnings and help earn you a decent amount of money per day. There s no easy way to get referrals. The best way is to use your imagination and be different and advertise in ways not many other people advertise. This yields the best results.