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PTC Information and Advice

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites (Paid To Click Sites) are sites which pay you a small amount of money for clicking on advertisers links. Traditionally, this was the main way to earn from these kind of sites. Over recent years, many PTC sites have morphed into GPT (Get Paid To) sites. This means that they now offer many more ways to earn money other than clicking ads. These can be through watching videos, completing offers and surveys or other tasks. 2 of the most popular websites around (Neobux and Clixsense) both offer tasks and offers as ways to increase your earning.

All PTC sites encourage users to refer users. When you register, you receive a referral url which looks like this - Referring users is an easy way to boost income. If you struggle to refer users, you can in many cases either buy or rent referrals from the site for a fee. This is not always profitable though so be careful. Overall, PTC sites are very effective ways to earn money. Be careful of the many scam PTC sites around and it is advisable to only use established PTC sites with a proven history of paying their members.

Obvious signs of a scam PTC site

A large percentage of PTC sites are scam sites or unsustainable. These can quite often be avoided using a few key tips to inspect each PTC site you join

How much are the "paying" per click?
Scam PTC sites usually "pay" a high amount per click. Sometimes up to $10 a click. No advertiser in the world would pay that much for 1 click to their site. Be wary of any site offering more than 1 cent per click. Site that offer more than that are quite often scams and are trying to convince you that you can earn lots of money per click and hoping you will upgrade so they can steal your money. Be very careful and check out the site before joining. What is the total value of the ads available to click?
If a PTC site is offering you more than 4 cents of ads per GUARANTEED day to a free member then it is highly suspicious. Alot of ads (especially on newer PTC sites) are self sponsored meaning that the PTC site is paying for the ads out of their profits. Too many of these ads means that the PTC site is unsustainable and will not payout for long.

How much does advertising cost to buy?
If a PTC site is selling hundreds of 1 cent views for a matter of a few cents then they clearly are not sustainable. A PTC site is a business and there is a need to ensure that the money in is greater than the money out. If something looks too good to be true or it seems to be unlikely that they can afford to be ran in the manner they claim/promise, run away as fast as you can from the site.

Search Google for reviews of the PTC site
Check what other users are saying. There are many PTC review sites that check out if a site is paying, if a site is sustainable and you can see other users reviews and experiences with the site. If there are many bad reviews, avoid the site and it will probably save you wasting your time.

There are many scam sites that ruin the reputation of PTC sites but there are legit sites out there. You just need to be careful and not be taken in by all their promises. If something looks untrue or too good, it probably is.

How to get PTC referrals?

This is a very common question I get asked from my downline on ptc sites such as Clixsense. How do I get referrals? The answer is simple. Get your referral link out there is the main thing you need to do. You might be thinking "how do i get it out there" and the answer is that there is so many different ways to do it and too many to write about. I will focus on a few main ways though.

  • Friends
  • - Send your link to friends and family who might be interested
  • Other PTC Sites
  • - Promoting your referral link on other PTC sites can generate alot of new members especially if the PTC site your are promoting is new or not that established yet. If you are looking at promoting your Clixsense or Neobux referral link then advertising on Aurora PTC sites might be the best and most cost effective method.
  • PTC Topsites
  • - Submitting your referral URL for free into PTC topsites like us can get your free traffic
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • - Sites link EasyHits4U may help you gain additional referrals for a little amount of your time.
  • Sites you run
  • - Many people nowadays run websites, forums or blogs. It is very easy to add your PTC referral link or banner into your website and blog and profit from traffic to your sites.
  • Site you are part of
  • - Many people are part of many sites and forums. You can put links in signatures on forums for example so when you post, people can see your referral link. Be careful not to spam.

Getting referrals on sites like Clixsense and Neobux can help you multiply your daily earnings and help earn you a decent amount of money per day. There s no easy way to get referrals. The best way is to use your imagination and be different and advertise in ways not many other people advertise. This yields the best results.

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